Love national parks? You're a Park Protector!

You love exploring national parks because they enrich your life. You appreciate learning about history, culture, and science. You hike, picnic, go birding, take pictures, camp, and kayak. You take part in Junior Ranger, class trips, internships, talks, exhibits, and events. You are in awe of the splendor of nature, where you renew, refresh, and recharge.

Find like-minded people in WNPA's Park Protector community. Park Protectors support ways to preserve and improve these national treasures for everyone. Individual contributions build a powerful resource for interactive exhibits, equipment, educational supplies, presentations, audio tours, research, and more. If you feel deeply that our national parks are important treasures everyone deserves to experience, you are a Park Protector. Join our community. Spread the word. Support our cause to make sure every person can enjoy the national park experience.

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Why do national parks need WNPA Park Protectors?

More than 70 national park partners in 12 Western states depend on Western National Parks Association (WNPA). Revenue from our 75 park stores and contributions from Park Protectors and other donors supports our park partners by:

  • Improving parks with exhibits, educational signage, and benches.
  • Helping park rangers create programs like talks, recreational activities, and special events.
  • Supporting smaller parks by increasing awareness and sharing their untold stories to help attract more visitors.
  • Funding high-level research which informs park managers of the best ways to preserve and protect natural and archaeological resources.
  • Providing access to parks for people who otherwise would not be able to visit.

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Join the Park Protector community!

Share your love of national parks by becoming part of a community of park advocates who are passionate about making the national park experience available to everyone. The benefits of your tax-deductible yearly contribution of $25 are:

  • Access to members-only deals and merchandise.
  • Digital newsletters featuring park stories, news, and events.
  • Advance email notification of presentations, virtual events, and educational opportunities.
  • 10% discount on most items at our stores in national parks and online (excludes handmade crafts).
  • Reciprocal discounts at 400+ public land sites.
  • Free gift with membership.
  • Tax-deductible membership dues.

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